Red Rising, Pierce Brown, Del Rey, ISBN 9780345539786, 382 pgs., $25

The comparisons of this book to The Hunger Games, Game of Thrones, and Ender’s Game makes one wonder whether those who make the comparisons have any actual knowledge of those other works or if they just wanted to compare this book to books that had the word game in the title. Are there similarities? Well sure, all four use words and punctuation and have protagonists whored rising go out and do things and have things done to them. So, I guess the comparisons are accurate after all. My bad.

Red Rising is the story of Darrow, who is a Red, a member of the lowest caste in the color coded society of the future.  He works on Mars, digging into the planet.  It’s dangerous work but Darrow is essentially a kid so what does he know from danger.  The Reds are, essentially, slave labor, used by the elite in control to get all the dirty jobs done.  Somehow, Darrow manages to fall in with the right crowd (at least for those of us who are reading the book) and finds himself becoming a secret agent with a new identity as a Gold, one of the elite.  Al he has to do is fool all the other Golds and survive a brutal, kill all training process that the other golds have spent their entire existence getting ready for.  Piece of pie for the boy.  Soon, Darrow is slicing and dicing with the best of them, raining carnage on the other Gold lads as if he were born to the position. Against all odds, Darrow wins which means he now has a job.  Excellent effort there son.  And that’s where the book ends.

Okay, sure, I make a bit of mock and while it’s fun to do it belies the fact that the book is a fun read and the only real problem I had with it was it’s ending almost in mid sentence.  Don’t writers know how to end things these days?  Yes, there are some plot holes.  Yes there are some inconsistencies.  Yes, there are one or two illogical set ups and situations.  But over the plot moves right along at a pretty good clip and provides a lot of entertainment in the process.

And here is where I eat a bit more crow.  Sure, if you liked Hunger Games and Ender’s Game you will probably enjoy this one too since the basic premise is close enough for comparison.  Game of Thrones?  Anyone’s guess how that one got in here.  Recommended and if you want to get a copy for your very own all you have to do is click here: Red Rising


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