Star Corpsman: Bloodstar, Ian Douglas, Harper Voyager, ISDBN 9780061894763, $7.99, Paperback, 355 pgs

star corpsmanElliot Carlyle is a Navy Corpsman which means he needs to not only be able to manage all of the weapons and armor associated with off planet marines but he needs to be able to patch them together, and, when needed, get enough of their dead or mangled bodies back from the battle so they can be fixed back on the shop. Elliot’s first trip out is to the planet Bloodworld, a high temperature planet colonized by a fanatic sect of salvationists who picked that world in particular so they would suffer. When the alien Qesh showed up with guns drawn Bravo Company’s Black Wizards of the interstellar Fleet Marine Force are called in for extraction. The enemies have superior fire power, the residents don’t really want to be saved, and the marines are very aware that if the computer records on the planet fall, then the aliens could get the location of Earth.

Star Corpsman follows that fine SF tradition of marines in space or military SF.  They’ve got the technology and the will power and are usually outgunned but, on the other hand, they are the Marines.  There’s plenty of action, shooting, blowing up of things, and tense situations that could go either way, even though as readers we know the crisis on page 50 is not going to be all that decisive with all those pages left in the book.  But, hey, we’re not reading this kind of stuff because we’re looking for philosophical discussions about the meaning of human life in the universe.  No, we’re looking to kick alien butt, and to do so frequently and with finality.

Ian Douglas is the author of the Star Carrier series as well as a number of other books and this is the kind of stuff he’s good at so one walks in with expectations and they are, pretty solidly met. I enjoyed the book, perhaps not as much as the Star Carrier series but then this is a new one and it’s always a bit of an adjustment.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone out there looking to get their Marines in space fix.

And, if you’d like to get a copy for your self, or a friend, or an alien species so they can prepare, all you have to do is click right here: Bloodstar: Star Corpsman: Book One


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