Angel’s Ink, Jocelynn Drake, Harper Voyager, ISSBN 9780062117854, 338 pgs., $14.99

Jocelynn Drake

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Jocelynn Drake is best known for the Dark Days series. With Angel’s Ink she sets off in a new universe, albeit one still framed by the urban fantasy genre. In this case the setting is a tatoo parlor in a world where magic and magical creatures exist but under the aegis of the Ivory Tower, the mage ruling body. Gage is a tatoo artist who has turned his back on the tower and has been allowed to live although it’s often touch and go on that point. Working for Gage is an elf and a troll. The thing about Gage’s tatoos is that he imbues his ink with materials that often render them more than just body art. A good luck symbol will bring good luck, a love charm affection and wings a cancer cure. It’s the latter that gets Gage into hot water not only with the tower but with Death himself.

I have to admit that I found Drake’s previous series to be a bit waffly.  That is I found it to be inconsistent.  Partially because she was doing things in terms of structure that changed the lay of the fictional landscape.  So, I entered here with some trepidation.  What I found was an engaging story, albeit with some big holes in the plot, like why did the tower allow Gage to remain alive when they killed everyone, else.  Odd behavior from powerful wizards I think.  And there were a couple of other places where characters seemed too conveniently placed.  But, hey, I can suspend with the best of them.  Having said all that I have to admit that one thing kept throwing me over and over and that was that I, for some reason, kept thinking of the male protagonist as a woman.  So, when he checks out a female customer, I’m going, whoa, wait, when did she become a lesbian.  And then realized that the character was male.  Stuck with me through the whole novel.

In the long run I found myself enjoying the book and I have the sequel or second book depending on whether or not there is a third, sitting in my read pile right now.  So, it’s good enough to recommend although if you are a stickler for realism in your fiction then this may not be the best choice for you.

To get your very own copy, you can go here:Angel’s Ink: The Asylum Tales


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