Admiralty (The Collected Short Works of Poul Anderson), Poul Anderson, NESFA Press, ISBN 9781886778948, $29.00, 508 pgs.

Poul Anderson

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This is the fourth volume in a series that is collecting the best short works of Poul Anderson. There will be at least two more books.

The time period of the 1950s to 1970s was the time period of the short story. There were dozens of professional magazines being published and it was possible to actually make a living as a short story writer. Anderson, while also writing novels,prolifically¬† produced short fiction over a 50 year time period and wrote for all of the major magazines of his time. This volume includes “Goat Song” a Hugo and Nebula award winner, “Operation Changeling”, “Kyrie”, “Eutopia“, “Marius”, and 19 more stories. The volume also includes an introduction by David Hartwell, Anderson’s own afterward to “Eutopia”, and an introduction by the editor, Rick Katze.

Those of you who lived through the time period when the short story held precedence in the SF/fantasy/horror realm will really enjoy having these stories all available in one place to read again. Those of you who were born after this period will now have the chance to see what all the fuss was about. Short fiction is simply the bravest of all fictions. It takes a master craftsman to tell an entire story in such a short amount of space. And one of the best was Poul Anderson. His fiction, time and again, provided thought provoking insight into our own condition through the vehicle of science fiction and fantasy. Of course it was also incredibly entertaining as well which helped.

NESFA (the New England Science Fiction Association) has done their usual incredible job with this book. The cover by John Picacio is not only eye catching but captures the feel of Anderson and his work. The contents, selected by editor Katze is first rate, and the fiction itself would be worth the price at half the amount. This is a well put together book both figuratively and literally. NESFA deserves your support and you deserve a copy of this book. In fact you should get the entire series.

Highly recommended.

To get your very own copy go to NESFA or just click here to get it from Amazon: Admiralty (The Collected Short Works of Poul Anderson)


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